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What Should I Look For in a Divorce Attorney?

Divorce is a complex legal process that will require a professional legal guide as you pursue an amicable resolution and seek to protect your rights. During the tough days ahead, you will want to take active steps to secure your sanity. For that reason, you will want to choose an attorney who will walk alongside of you during this process with your particular goals in mind.

5 Attributes of a Divorce Lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga

Below, you will find five criteria to look for when you are selecting a divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga. If you want to learn more about how the Law Office of Stephanie J. Squires & Associates, APLC meets the criteria, contact my firm at once!

1. Versatility in Approaches to Representation
You will want a lawyer who has the ability to handle your case regardless of which direction it goes. Your attorney should be able to resolve the divorce through mediation or a collaborative divorce. Not all divorce cases, however, can be handled in such a manner. An attorney who is experienced in litigation is also important to find.

Choose a lawyer with a strong track record in mediation and litigation so that your case can be well-handled regardless of which direction it goes. At the Law Office of Stephanie J. Squires & Associates, APLC, I have extensive courtroom litigation experience as well as confidence to handle your case even if it becomes a heated courtroom battle. I can handle any family law matter regardless of the direction it takes.

2. Provide You with Honest Answers
You should find an attorney who will thoroughly answer your questions so that you can make the right decisions in your case. The ability to make tough decisions requires an accurate assessment of your case. I listen to my clients' needs and give them truthful answers that are specific to their situations. I take a hand-on approach and spend time with each client to develop a solid understanding of the case so that my answers are actually helpful.

3. Experience in the Specific Field of Law
You will want to choose a lawyer that has experience practicing in the field of family law. I have more than 15 years of experience representing families in Rancho Cucamonga through various family law matters. You can trust in my experiences to help you fight for a positive outcome to your divorce or other matter.

4. Thoroughly Communicates with You
As you navigate your divorce, you will want to remain updated throughout each step of your case to have a comprehensive understanding of what is taking place. My firm can thoroughly communicate with you during each step of your case. With the hands-on approach that I take, you can have greater confidence in a peaceful and positive case outcome.

5. Is Dedicated to Your Case
Your lawyer should be actively engaged in your case and provide you with the one-on-one attention that you need. When you meet with your attorney, it should be productive and the attorney should be well-prepared.

At the Law Office of Stephanie J. Squires & Associates, APLC, I take a hands-on approach to representation so that my clients' cases are handled with the utmost efficiency. You will get the opportunity to with your lawyer from start to finish when you hire my firm.

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