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Child Support Lawyer Rancho in Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Attorney

Searching for an attorney for a child support case in Rancho Cucamonga? Child support is one of more highly contested issues during the divorce process because finances can get tight during divorce as you go from two incomes down to just one. Here at the Law Office of Stephanie J. Squires & Associates, APLC I assist individuals with every aspect of divorce and I can help guide you step by step through the legal proceedings.

If you are seeking child support or you are looking to modify your child support agreement, then my firm is here to help. My firm can help you obtain the child support you need. I am well-versed in the California family law statutes and child support guidelines. There are certain instances where the courts will deviate from the set guidelines, but we would have to be able to prove that your case is a special circumstance.

Step by Step Guidance Through the Process

My firm understands that as a parent all you want is for your child to be property provided for and to see to it that all their needs are met. However, there are many cases where parents will disagree on the proposed amount of child support and how much is appropriate. When this happens your first step should be consulting with an experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support attorney who can represent your child's best interests. I can assist you in preparing a solid case for court and pulling from legal statutes as a basis for our child support claims.

Here at the firm I personally handle every case and I can work side by side with you to determine what is best for you and your children. I have over been representing families throughout Rancho Cucamonga for over 15 years and I have what it takes to help you obtain the most favorable outcome in your case. My firm will have honest answers for you and when you work with me you are treated with nothing but compassion and respect.

If you are wondering where to begin, you can start your journey towards child support by filling out a complimentary case evaluation form.

Determining Child Support in California

Although the courts follow a pre-determined formula to decide the amount of child support in most cases, they also take several other factors into consideration. Speak to your family lawyer about how the court will evaluate the following:

  • The Basic Needs of the Child
  • Any Additional Medical, Daycare, Insurance Costs
  • The Supporting Party's Ability to Pay
  • The Child's Standard of Living While Parents Were Still Married

*Keep in mind that California law requires parents to pay continuous child support until the child reaches the age of majority. If the child goes on active duty in the military, the child is adopted by someone else, or becomes emancipated then the obligation of child support would be relinquished. However, if your child has special needs or is attending college then there are certain circumstances where child support may need to continue for a while longer.

Does the custody agreement affect the child support obligations?

You should also remember that your child custody arrangement could affect your child support obligations. If one parent is awarded sole custody then the noncustodial parent will be obligated to pay continuous support. In cases where both parents are awarded joint custody, then both may be obligated to pay. With joint custody cases the court will look at how much time the child spends with you and how much you earn.

Contact my firm to speak with one of our Rancho Cucamonga child support attorneys to request a free consultation today!

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