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Rancho Cucamonga Contested Divorce Attorney

Emotionally and Financially Draining

Searching for a lawyer for a contested divorce case in Rancho Cucamonga? A contested divorce occurs when one spouse wishes to contest a divorce request. In California, you have 30 days to respond to the divorce petition and contest any part of the decree. Some people have concerns about child custody, spousal support and property division after they have been served divorced papers. It is important to realize though that if you or your spouse decides to contest your divorce, you may be facing an incredibly emotional and expensive process

The more issues that you and your spouse disagree upon, the more drawn out the entire process will end up being and the more money you may wind up spending on your divorce proceedings. Most attorneys work on an hourly basis and when they need to act as a middle-man to the separating couple, your hours spent in their office will greatly increase. Furthermore, court filings, documentations, paperwork and fees will quickly add up as well. In the worst case scenarios, when all the contested issues cannot be agreed upon, it is up to the decision of the court to decide how these issues will be resolved.

How Can I Avoid a Contested Divorce?

The best way for you and your spouse to avoid the drain of a contested divorce is to try to work with a mediator or try to come to an agreement before matters get out of hand. Decide what communal assets will be divided during a divorce. If children are involved, it is important to remember that issues that you may have between you and your spouse do not need to spill over into their lives and working out a shared custody agreement can be beneficial to both you and the children. It is also important that if you have any questions regarding your divorce or your court proceedings that you contact an attorney. Need a lawyer for contested divorce in Rancho Cucamonga? My firm will provide you with gentle but firm guidance to steer you in the direction of an uncontested divorce before things get out of hand.

The Law Office of Stephanie J. Squires & Associates, APLC 909-907-8783

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